Algebra in 90 minutes

In my school, most classes are 50 minutes long, but every class has one 90-minute period per week. I love teaching science in 90 minutes. I could do 90 minutes of AP Biology every day. I’m having trouble filling the algebra periods, though. There’s only so much I do-we do-you do possible during one class period! I can stretch the intro stuff and the I do-we do part to about 30 minutes. We’re a 1-to-1 school, so I have the students practice on Khan Academy and IXL, but they can only sustain that for about 30 minutes. What do I do with the last 30 minutes of these periods?? Last fall was my first semester teaching algebra, and I just kind of limped along. This spring, I think I’ll try some of Dan Meyer’s three-acts on the long days. We’re doing radicals this week, so maybe the taco cart problem? I definitely need to step up my game in the algebra classes this spring.

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