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Statistics in AP Biology

We’re getting into the statistics potion of the class in AP Biology. Last week I taught the students how to do a chi square test on M&Ms, and this week we’re going to work more on using chi square tests … Continue reading

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Next Generation Science Standards

The latest draft of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) was released on Tuesday. We looked at them in my department’s PLC meeting on Wednesday. I really like how the standards emphasize the doing of science and have eliminated some … Continue reading

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Teaching ecology with Planet Earth

Like last year, I will begin the second semester of biology with the ecology unit. Many teachers leave ecology until the end of the year or teach it at the very beginning of the year, but I’ve found that it’s … Continue reading

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Algebra in 90 minutes

In my school, most classes are 50 minutes long, but every class has one 90-minute period per week. I love teaching science in 90 minutes. I could do 90 minutes of AP Biology every day. I’m having trouble filling the … Continue reading

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Student resistance to thinking

I found an article yesterday that explains some of the resistance to thinking that I’ve been seeing in my AP Biology students. This is my first year teaching AP Biology, and it’s also the first year of the redesigned AP … Continue reading

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I guess I’ll try this blogging thing

I’ve been getting caught up on my reading during winter break, and I finally decided to take the blog plunge for myself. I’ve been reading blogs for several years now (although I just started putting them in Google Reader today). … Continue reading

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